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Join Isaac Osborne founder and CEO of Body Align Pro® as he interviews bodywork and exercise professionals that are committed to taking a scientific approach to improving the form and function of the body and the growth and development of their practice.

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    #13 Move Like An Animal!

    In this episode our guest is Ed Barrera. He is Hanna Somatic Educator®, Holistic Health Advisor and author of Amazon Bestseller Move Like an Animal. We talk about pandiculation, somatics, connective tissue restrictions, fibromyalgia, the brain and much more!

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    #12 Effects of Sedentary Living with Dr. Joan Vernikos former NASA Research Scientist

    In this episode our guest is Dr. Joan Vernikos. She is former Director of NASA’s Life Sciences, an author, health coach, consultant and sought-after motivational speaker on the tangible health and economic benefits to individuals and organizations of resetting your health for life, living healthy and healthy aging

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    #11: Can exercises change kyphosis?

    In this episode our guest is Oscar Gonzales. He is an Accredited Exercise Therapist in the Egoscue Method of Posture Therapy. Our main topic of discussion and analysis in this episode is Kyphosis and how he works with this condition.

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    #9: Are we wrong about biomechanics?

    Are we wrong about biomechanics and the way we reference them? Our guest on this Episode is Stephen Braybrook author of The Evolution of Biomechanics.

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    #6: Research backed fascia tools, cellulite, sensory motor amnesia, fascia, and more!

    The difference between shearing and rolling fascia Sensory Motor Amnesia and Central sensitization How nerve receptors respond to shearing fascia Vibration and Neuromuscular response Heart rate variability and pain connection to the sympethic nervous system. The difference between male cellulite and female cellulite structure

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